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Korean morpheme analyzer tools

When you’re analyzing Korean text, the most basic task you need to perform is morphological analysis. There are several libraries in various programming languages to achieve this:




  • KoNLPy (2014) GPL v3+
    • By Lucy Park (Seoul National University)
    • Wrapper for Hannanum, KKMA, KOMORAN, twitter-korean-text, MeCab-ko
    • Tools for Hangul/Korean manipulation
  • UMorpheme (2014) MIT
    • By Kyunghoon Kim (UNIST)
    • Wrapper for MeCab-ko for online usage


  • KoNLP (2011) GPL v3
    • By Heewon Jeon
    • Wrapper for Hannaum



Other NLP tools

  • Hangulize - By Heungsub Lee Python
    • Hangul transcription tool to 38+ languages
  • Hanja - By Sumin Byeon Python
    • Hanja to hangul transcriptor
  • Jamo - By Joshua Dong Python
    • Hangul syllable decomposition and synthesis
  • KoreanParser - By DongHyun Choi, Jungyeul Park, Key-Sun Choi (KAIST) Java
    • Language parser
  • Korean - By Heungsub Lee Python
    • Package for attaching particles (josa) in sentences
  • go_hangul (2012) - By Homin Lee Go BSD
    • Tools for Hangul manipulation [docs]
  • Speller (부산대)