KoNLPy is not registered in PyPI yet. Please install from source until further notice.

  • Requirements
    • Python 2.6 or higher
    • JRE 1.7 or higher


Install KoNLPy

$ pip install git+


$ git clone
$ cd konlpy
$ python install

Optional installations

In order to use the MeCab morpheme analyzer in KoNLPy, install the followings:

$ wget
$ tar zxfv mecab-0.996-ko-0.9.1.tar.gz
$ cd mecab-0.996-ko-0.9.1
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make check
$ sudo make install
$ wget
$ tar zxfv mecab-ko-dic-1.6.1-20140814.tar.gz
$ cd mecab-ko-dic-1.6.1-20140814
$ ./configure
$ sudo ldconfig
$ make
$ sudo sh -c 'echo "dicdir=/usr/local/lib/mecab/dic/mecab-ko-dic" > /usr/local/etc/mecabrc'
$ sudo make install
$ git clone
$ cd mecab-python
$ python build
$ sudo python install


KoNLPy’s compatibility with Windows is not stable yet. However, if you would still like to put in some effort you can try the following.

  1. Download the most recent release of KoNLPy from GitHub, and extract files. (Otherwise, you can just clone it).

    • Current release: 0.3.0
  2. In a terminal, go to the KoNLPy directory, and type python install.


If you have installation errors with dependency packages, try installing them with Christoph Gohlke’s Windows Binaries [1]:

  1. (Optional) Download, extract [2], and install the most recent version of MeCab from the following links:

[1]win-amd64 for 64-bit Windows, win32 for 32-bit Windows.
[2]Having MinGW/MSYS or Cygwin installed may be more convenient. Otherwise, you can use 7zip for the extraction of tar files.
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